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Hispanic Resources

Hispanic Center Lehigh Valley

Hispanic Center Lehigh Valley (HCLV) Ken Kitay is proud to serve on the Board of Directors of the Hispanic Center Lehigh Valley. The center serves the needs of the Hispanic community, as well as anyone who has walks through the doors of their senior center, WIC office and wants to participate in one of their youth programs. Our firm provides pro-bono support services for legal advice to individuals including filling out forms, interpretation of legal documents, letter writing and understanding the legal process. For more information about the Hispanic Center Lehigh Valley.

Additional Community Resources

Aspira Association is the only national nonprofit organization devoted solely to the education and leadership development of Puerto Rican and other Latino youth. ASPIRA takes its name from the Spanish verb aspirar, “aspire.”

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) is a nonprofit and nonpartisan educational organization established in 1978 to develop the next generation of Latino leadership. This is accomplished through programs to familiarize Hispanic students with policy-related careers, educational scholarship resources, and information dissemination through conferences and publications.

Cuban American National Council (CNC) conducts research and policy analysis on issues affecting Latinos, Minorities, and Immigrants in the United States and provides education, employment and housing services to all disadvantaged individuals of various ethnic, racial and national backgrounds.

Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) was founded in 1986 and strives to ensure that there is an equitable participation of the Latino community in Corporate America commensurate with the Latino purchasing power.

Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA), founded in 1972, represents 25,000 Latino lawyers, judges, law professors and law students.

Hispanic Scholarship Funds (HSF) is the nation’s leading organization supporting Hispanic higher education. HSF was founded in 1975 with a vision to strengthen the country by advancing college education among Latino Americans, the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. population.

Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC), affiliated with the Institute of Latin American Studies (ILAS) at the University of Texas at Austin, facilitates access to Internet-based information on, from, or about Latin America, including regional, social science and humanity links.

League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) seeks to advance the economic condition, educational attainment, political influence, health and civil rights of the Latino population in the U.S.

Leadership Conference on Civil Rights/Leadership Conference Educational Fund is the home to socially-concerned, issue-oriented original audio, video, and written programming, is committed to serving as the online nerve center not only for the struggle against discrimination in all its forms, but also to build the public understanding that it is essential for our nation to continue its journey toward social and economic justice.

Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF) is a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to protect and promote the civil rights of the more than 29 million Latinos living in the United States.

National Coalition of Hispanic Health and Human Services Organizations (COSSMHO) is the sole organization focusing on the health, mental health, and human services needs of the diverse Latino communities.

The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan, tax-exempt organization established in 1968 to reduce poverty and discrimination, and improve life opportunities for Latino Americans.

Saludos Hispanic Employment Service a resume posting service sponsored by the magazine of the same name, is a conduit between applicants and potential employers who share the objective of reflecting the diversity of today’s population in the workplace.

United Farm Workers (UFW) (NFWA), started by Cesar Chavez in 1962 to organize farm workers in California, offers an overview of the movement and updates on current issues.