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Workers’ Compensation

What Does a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Do?

Are you asking yourself “What Does a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Do?” A workers’ compensation lawyer helps people get medical care and wage replacement benefits after being hurt at work. Workers’ comp covers workers at almost every business in Pennsylvania. Although the system is designed to...
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How much is my case worth?

Asking “How much is my case worth?” is the first step toward getting the best result. Have you been asking yourself “How much is my case worth?”  This is an important question.  Almost everybody pursuing a legal action asks this question at some point.  When...
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Permanent Restrictions for Workers’ Comp in PA

Permanent restrictions for workers’ comp are a big deal in Pennsylvania. It means you are unlikely to fully recover from your work injury. In addition, it means you will likely continue living with pain and limitations for the rest of your life. Permanent restrictions can...
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Collecting Unemployment and Workers’ Comp in PA

Are you trying to collect Unemployment and Workers’ Comp benefits in PA? Want to know the difference between collecting Unemployment and Workers’ Comp? Curious if you can collect Unemployment after your Workers’ Comp settlement? We’ll answer these questions, and more, in this article. Collecting Unemployment...
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