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Experienced Divorce Attorneys

In divorce, custody and support matters, emotions can run high. These types of cases are often emotionally, mentally, and financially draining, even when friendly. A good divorce law attorney will posses not only the legal skills necessary to help you be successful with your case, but also the ability to help you feel comfortable with the process, and sympathetic to your situation.

A good lawyer presents you with all of your options and helps you determine your best course of action. Even if your divorce is uncontested, the attorneys at Kitay Law Offices can help you figure out whether the settlement offer is fair and reasonable before you accept it. If your divorce is contested, we will fight for your rights, doing all we can to get you best result possible. With us on your side, you will never feel alone in the process and will always feel like there is someone on your side.

As with all kinds of cases, it is never required that a person have an attorney. However, while it is generally easy to get married under the law, the law regarding divorce, custody, and support is complicated. There are arguments which must be made within a certain time period, or they are waived. There are documents that must be filed within a certain time period, or you could lose important rights, such as the right to obtain support, alimony, or division of property, like retirement accounts. The experienced divorce attorneys at Kitay Law Offices know what documents to file, how to prepare and answer discover requests, and how to properly prepare for any hearings or trials.

Furthermore, while it is very true that the law is complicated, many times the procedure is even more complicated. Knowing how to properly draft your divorce complaint, how to serve it, what language to include in your written property settlement agreement so that it becomes part of the court order granting the divorce, and how to get your case in front of the Divorce Master’s office, are all things the experienced divorce attorneys at Kitay Law Offices know how to do.

A divorce decree is actually a court order, and once it is signed by the Judge, mistakes can be hard or impossible to undo, so you want to make sure you get it right the first time.

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"If you don't win, you don't pay!"




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